North East Cheshire DA

Do you have North East Cheshire DA written on the bottom of your camping and caravanning club membership card?

If the answer to this is Yes, then welcome aboard we look forward to meeting you around Cheshire or further afield.

If it is No, then you can come and join us anyway. We are a friendly group of people and everyone is welcome.

Some of you may be aware that N.E.C.D.A was put on Ice so to speak, and was nearly lost for good.

An Emergency General Meeting took place on the 27th of June 2013. Enough members turned out to elect a new committee. Thank you all for supporting your DA

N.E.C. DA has been brought out of the cooler and is at the start of a new journey heading towards 2014 this is the 50th year. This is an exciting time and we as a committee would love to see you out on a field.

Do you know of any good sites for a weekend meet if so could you let us know we would love your input.

Our aim at present is to put on some weekend meets and then build up, as next year unfolds adding some temporary holiday sites.

Our Facebook Group is a closed group so if you know of other N.E.C. DA members, ask them to add you.

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